Saturday, October 11, 2014

Being a Brewers Fan is hard

I'll be honest I really thought this year might be the year.  The Brewers were in first place of the NL Central for most of the year.  Of course the part of the season that counts is when they melted down, but I'm use to that.  While it was hard watching my team implode there are still things I love about being a Brewers fan.   The main one is picking up awesome cards for pennies.  

Point in case are these two great Jimmy Nelson rookie cards out of Panini's Immaculate Collection.  I picked up both of these cards for under $2 each.  That total doesn't include the shipping, but even then these cards were still steals.  

Jimmy really didn't have that great of a year after he got his first win when he got called up.  He ended up going 2-9 in 12 games and finished with a 4.93 ERA.  But he's the only rookie Topps or Panini bothered to feature in most of their products this year.  That's one of the bad things about being a Brewers fan we really get no love in the card market.  

But this Rookie Inscriptions card is so cool in hand.  I'm sure glad I didn't pay $200 for a box of this, when I can pick up cards for about $2 a piece on ebay.

I also picked up this Immaculate Swatches card.  
And I also picked up a Rookie Auto from Topps Chrome

Lets hope Jimmy has a better year next year.