Monday, October 20, 2014

Life's a bitch sometimes.

How I wanted to spend my weekend.

How I really spent my weekend.
I'll have my box break down soon.


  1. I've done three rooms in our house. Hopefully your weekend went better then the last room I did.

  2. My house is 60 years old and is old military housing. Every time I try to do something I find something else to fix or replace.

  3. Remember .... measure twice .. cut once ......
    I usually forget this rule !!
    Good Luck. Looks like you got a good start.
    GO ROYALS !!
    Keep On Collecting!!

  4. I just hope that your house is in better shape than some of those places for sale on that "Buying Alaska" show.

    Let me ask you this -- do you guys in Alaska get tired of the fact that the Discovery Channel is basically the "Alaska is f**ked up" network? I overstate things, but they do show a lot of Alaska-based shows on that network.

    1. Yeah I tend not to watch too many of the Alaska shows. I use to live in Haines and moved back north right before they started filming Gold Rush. I have a buddy that works in Nome and he says it became a circus after Bering Sea Gold aired. And for the most part shows like the Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers are way overdramatized. Don't get me wrong both jobs insanely dangerous, but I've actually got to talk with some of the camera men on both shows and they have to stage a lot of stuff to make the show interesting. I just saw that Buying Alaska show and laughed my ass off. Just remember those shows are made to entertain.

  5. I wish I could do manly stuff like that. My father always offered to teach me to do handyman jobs around the house, but I was too busy playing with my toys, sorting cards, or watching cartoons. :(

    Best of luck with your floors. Can't wait to see what you pull from your box.