Monday, October 27, 2014

The waiting is the hardest part...

Man there's a Tom Petty song for almost every occasion isn't there?

Well it's October 27 and that means it's exactly one month till Thanksgiving and it also means it's exactly one month and a day till Black Friday.

Do I mingle with the unwashed masses on that day?  No I do not.

But Black Friday also means that it's's Black Friday event.

They haven't announced what's all going to be involved in this year's promotion, but it usually features at least free shipping.  

But this year's going to be even better for me.  I've got lots of free money to spend.  

COMC dissolved it relationship with Beckett earlier this year and it doing so had to build it's own catalog.  In doing that they enlisted the help of the COMC community to help by featuring a series of challenges that earned you points and those points eventually earned you real store credit.  I was able to amass about $35 in store credit before they ended the challenges.  And while I've already spent a little of it on some good deals already Black Friday weekend always promises to be a great hunting ground.  

I don't buy often on COMC, but I always try to check out their big two events, Spring Cleaning and Black Friday and it's always worth it.  Sellers offer great discounts and COMC usually throws in some other bonuses as well.

One of my collecting goals this year was to get my Yount collection to over 1000 unique items and I'm currently about 14 items short, so I'm hoping this event will put me over the top.

Anyone else going hunting?


  1. When did they stop the challenges? I was doing some yesterday, and just got an extra buck last week.

    I plan on spending some money on there this year. I signed up back in 2011 I think, but last Black Friday was the first time I bought something. I have been hooked ever since. I like Yount too, maybe because his career was just like George Brett's even though Brett got more of the spotlight. I'm hoping to snag a few Brett's and Yount's cards on Black Friday, though I'll need a few more bucks to get a rookie from either.

  2. Really. I haven't been able to find a link anymore on the website. I totally agree about the whole Brett/Yount connect. Both were first featured in the 1975 Topps set, both retired after the 1993 season, both were elected first ballot in 1999. And yeah Brett was definitely more popular, outside of Wisconsin, bigger market team I suppose.


      that should take you there. On your dashboard, on the left side is the buyer's menu, its the first one under that. They are tougher to come by now, but usually in the morning and early evening they have a few challenges.

  3. you can always find the link through your dashboard.