Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Almost the Easiest World Series Contest on the Web Official Entries Post

Wow I'm way behind. I blame my last work trip.  Being stuck in a remote Alaska village for a week didn't help me get this contest back on track.

 First I want to thank everyone who entered. By my count we had 43!! That's a great turn out and probably my best yet, especially when I didn't even tell you what you could win.  Well on that note, I still haven't found time to dig out the prizes, so you'll have to wait another day or so.  Also being so far behind we're already on the League Championships and sadly when I was working up this post noticed that most of the field is already gone.  I was kind of pulling for the Dodgers, but what can you do those Cardinals are a comeback team.

OK so this post will serve as the official entries post. If you notice I made a mistake let me know, I did just cut and pasted your entries, so they should be right. Also if you promoted the contest and don't see a pimped by your entry let me know so you get your bonus entry into the door prize drawing.

Official Entries -

Alex Markle - Dodgers over Angels, 6 games, 9 homers.

Greg Zakwin - Dodgers over Angels,  7 Games, 7 homers

defgav - Detroit over St Louis, 5 games, 12 HRs, pimped

JediJeff - Nats over the Orioles in 6 games - 7 dingers

Need More Cardboard -  Nationals over Tigers in 5, 8 homers

night owl - DODGERS over Tigers, 6 games. 9 home runs.

Corky - The Angels over the Dodgers in 6 games with 7 homers, pimped

Daniel Wilson - Detroit over Dodgers, 7 games, 8 home runs

Play at the Plate - Dodgers over Orioles in 6 games 13 homers.

Matthew Scott - Nationals over Tigers in 7 games. 7 homeruns.

John Hazen - Baltimore over the Nats 7 games 8 homeruns

Al Kawamoto - Detroit over Washington 6 games 9 HR

Nachos Grande - Dodgers over Orioles in 5 games. 8 HRs

hiflew - Orioles over the Cardinals in 6 games. 9 HRs.

Tony L.- Dodgers over Orioles, 7 games, 8 homeruns. pimped

The Lost Collector - A's over Nats, 6 games, 6 homers.

Josh D. - Royals over Dodgers. 7 games. 6 HRs

The Angels In Order - Angels over Nationals, 6 games, 4 HR.

Jeff S - KC Royals over Pirates in 7 games, 5 HRs. pimped

AdamE - Nats over Tigers - 6 games - 4 HRs

Steve D. - Dodgers over Tigers, 6 games, 8 home runs

Nick - A's over Dodgers, 7 games, 11 HRs

Red Cardboard - Cardinals over Orioles, 5 games, 5 HRs

Keith G - Angels over Nationals in 7 games 10 HRs. pimped

Marcus - Nats over Angels, 6 games, 6 homers.

Richard Nebe Jr - Nats over the O's in 6 with 8 homers, pimped

Ryan H - Orioles over Pirates in 6 games with 9 homers

yokonashiwa - Dodgers over the Angels in 7 games with 13 home runs

CaptKirk42 - Nationals over Angels in 6 games 12 Homers.

Brad's Blog - Tiger over nationals, 5 games, 10 homers,

mmosley - Nationals over Tigers, 6 games, 5 HR

Paul Hadsall - San Francisco over Detroit, 5 games, 6 HRs, pimped

Jupiterhill -  Royals over the Giants in 6 games, with 5 homers.

RAZ - Tigers over Giants in 6, with 10 home runs.

Dan - Nationals over Angels, 5 games, 4 home runs

Superduperman99 - Cardinals over Royals in 6 and 6 Home Runs

Shane Kroeker - Dodgers over Tigers in 7 games. 10 home runs

dgao - Cardinals over Angels in 6 games. 7 home runs.

irondequoit36 - Dodgers over Orioles , 5 games 11 home runs .

Fuji - Royals over Dodgers, 6 games, 8 home runs

Praline - Orioles over Giants 7 homers, 6 games

Mets Cardboard - Orioles over Dodgers, 6 games, 13 home runs

Wilson - Baltimore over San Francisco, 6 games, 10 HR, pimped

I'll should have an update post later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Thanks again.

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