Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back In AnchorTown

Well I did it.  I'm here.  I even found a place to stay.  Everytime I go to find an apartment here after being away for awhile I'm amazed at how expensive it is in Anchorage.  Plus now I have a dog so I had to find a place that would let me have him there.  And it's small and will be smaller when the fiance and dog move up in May.  But its temporary.  

I digress so i'm sitting here at my desk at my new job waiting to get some calls returned and thought I'd see if this website was blocked.  Fools it's not.  Only everyother good site to waste my time on is.  At least I can still peruse the blogroll.   This sure isn't sounding like a card posting but wait it might turn in to one here shortly. 

My first realization is that I won't be around much this summer, by that I mean in my office or at home, I'll be out playing in the wilderness helping young salmon ect.  Which means I won't get to do alot of fishing or posting.  Bummer, but at least I'll have a job all winter to make me fat and sassy and keep my card collection in tow.

So I've been in town about a week and half.  I've visited my favorite old card shop twice and spent way too much money.  But I wanted to put together a Topps Baseball set so I bought a couple jumbo boxes.  I don't have my scanner or camera so no photos and I'm not going to list my hits here right now anyway.  Nothing spectactular.  I also picked up a few packs of Heritage and Champs.  Heritage is alright I've been debating maybe doing a set of that this year.  But the Champs was pretty sweet.  I'm not a huge hockey fan.  That's mainly because I have no team to root for really.  And to be honest the retro themed cards are getting a bit old.  But UD did a great job with this product.  I think that for set builders it's a loser seeing as you get so few base cards per pack.  I think it was you get 5 cards per pack and 2 of those are mini's.  I remember the sell sheet didn't even have examples of the base cards just the inserts.  But I got super lucky.  I had the store owner pick 4 packs for me and in those 4 packs I got a jersey, an on card auto, a gold parallel and historical figures mini.  Not too shabby.  Needly to say I won't be buying any more of that till he opens another box.  I'm torn, I love the look of the cards and the set is fairly small 200.  But to put a set together you would have to buy at least 3 boxes.  As for my Heritage packs I got one chrome and one tiffany back an that was it.  I can't even remember who they were,  seeing as i'm at work. 

See this posting turned into a nice little what I got.  Anywho It's nice to be back in the big city, but the traffic is driving my crazy. 

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