Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New NFL overtime rules.

I'm sure it's been mentioned and I first saw this blurb on the Upper Deck blog and then went searching for coaberation.  Here is the ESPN article.  But now it looks like there are going to be changes to the overtime rules, well at least in the playoffs.  The short of it is if a game in the playoffs goes into overtime and the recieving team only gets a fieldgoal the other team gets a shot at the ball, but if the recieving team gets a touch down it's game over.  I couldn't find what happens if both teams get field goals.  And oddly enough the team that this rule maybe would have helped last year voted against it.  Here I was going to call it the Favre rule, but I guess not. 

Now why only in the playoffs?  Why only if the team gets a fieldgoal?  It's explained a little in the story and i'm not going to reiterate it here.  My beef is why not make overtime like it is in college football.  Sudden death always favors the coin flip winner.  Why not give both teams a chance to score.  Or make them play the whole overtime.  I know it's a tiring, dangerous, physical sport and the longer you're playing the more likely an injury is. 

Second why give the playoffs the special treatment.  That's like saying the regular season isn't worth anything. 

Fire away comments are always welcomed. 


  1. Football is not baseball. Everyone does not get a chance.

    In college football overtime, it is played like extra innings.

  2. if both teams get a field goal, then next score wins, regardless...

    it's the most stooopid, knee jerk reaction, rule change ever. Only the playoffs?