Friday, March 5, 2010

The Wee Hours

I'm sitting here in the wee yearly hours of today, thinking that St Patty's day is only a little over a week away and that I'll be up in Anchorage working at my new job.  I've been busy packing up all my stuff.  Amazing how much stuff you accumulate.  I still have a storage unit in Anchorage that I kept for the last 4 years full of my stuff. 

This post is going to ramble so hang on, and don't be too disappointed if at the end you find out there's no plot. 

I was packing up my cards.  I've got a lot here too.  Been a busy beaver, but the internet is a great thing with your almost a 1000 miles from the nearest card shop.  I was packing all my cards tight and taping lids shut, and making sure that everything is labeled.  I'm tring to decide what I want to take up with me know or leave when I come back to move my fiance up in a couple of months.  I hate packing but it's interesting to find what you dig up.  I've been finding stuff packed into the back of closets and drawers.  I wish I hadn't packed away my scanner already I would have posted some of the stuff. 

As I was looking at my growing pile of boxes I started to think about the trappings of stuff.  I've had friends who where/are very anti stuff.  It must be nice to not have to worry about things but alas I am a product of my environment and genetics.  My grandparents were hoarders.  I think it had to do with going through WWII but I remember cleaning out there house when after my mom's family moved them to a senior home and finding all sorts of wierd stuff.  Some of the cooler stuff was a bag of old coins, a box of old stamps, some old hockey cards, and really old magazines.  Some of the not so cool stuff was all the bread bags, bag ties, boxes, and other useless stuff they had crammed into their basement as well.  They were nice folk I miss them a lot, but this of course leads me to thinking about religion and such.  Now I believe to each their own.  I don't consider myself religious, perhaps spirtiual,  if you can disern from my handle I do like buddha, although I have a hard time swallowing all of any religion or philosophy.  And of course one of the main tenants of Buddism is that things and distractions bring suffering.  Hence this is why i'm a cynicalbuddhist.  I like the idea of karma and kismet.  I like the idea that evil is punished by the like and that good is rewarded.  Seems corny I know.   

But as I look at all the stuff I've accumlated in the last 4 years here in Haines I think maybe Buddha had something.  Well I'm off to bed.  This weekend is the poker championships at the local bar I play World Tavern Poker at.  I didn't play nearly as hard as I have in the past and i still ended up having the second best average in the bar.  It'll be my last poker games here and i'm looking forward to it.  I've won in the past and the prize is a trip to Vegas to play for a seat at the World Series of Poker.  It's a blast and I highly recommend if you like poker and beer and there's a bar in your area that has it go play.  You'll meet some great people. 

As promised I have no point and I'll leave you with this.


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  1. He reminds me of ceiling cat. At least there's no ceiling Jeff Goldblum..