Monday, March 29, 2010

Is Rob Cordry the new Will Ferrell?

Having lived in rural Alaska for the last 4 years the one thing I missed other than bowling was going to see new movies.  You get use to waiting for movies to come out on dvd or if your lucky to be out of town and able to go to a theater going to see a new movie. 

Anyways it's nice to be in a city with a movie theaters.  I went to go see Hot Tub Time Maching.  I almost peed myself a couple times.  Very funny.  And I have to say Rob Courdry stole the show.  Man that guy is funny.  I use to love him on the Daily Show.  If you haven't seen it I'll recommend it.  It gets slow in parts and has some raunchy moments but over all pretty good. 

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