Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Upper Deck Super Pricey Fizzle

Well Upper Deck Exquisite is live and all over Ebay.  I've watched a bunch of breaks on youtube.  Sorry no links just go find em if you want to watch them and I am Joe Collector has a link to a 5 case break.  I looked on Blowout cards and a single box of this stuff is going for over 500 bucks.  And you get one pack and a bonus pack. I pursued the listings on ebay all 32 pages of them.  I haven't seen anything all that great.  Especially worth 500 bucks.  I'm waiting to see what some of these auctions go for but I just can't see getting anywhere close to your money back on this.  Now maybe the best stuff is being kept by collectors but I'm just not that impressed at all.  There doesn't seem to be anything new here design wise.  Maybe this is UD's death throw or there attempt to make some money back from their court settlements.
And why is this labeled a 2009 product?  I thought 2009 ended almont 4 months ago,thats a third of year for Christ's sake.  I figure it's so you can say the Sanchez and Stafford cards are rookies and not sophmore cards.  Still pretty lame if you ask me. 

i need some sleep. 

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