Friday, May 13, 2011

Collector's Crack keeping you up to date on all the Royal Wedding Trading Cards (when blogger will let me)

Didn't get enough wedding coverage?  Have you replayed the wedding so many times your DVR copy is fuzzy?  Not to worry Topps has you covered with a new 50 card set.

I was looking on Topps website to see if they had a Gypsy Queen checklist (ok stop laughing).  They don't, of course they don't.  As a matter of fact they never updated any of the information on the release.  According to the Topps website the set still has 450 cards in it.  Oh Topps you're not even trying anymore. 

Anyway, I notice a little sidebar...

Only available on the QVC website by the way.  Here are the promo shots.
Kate, I have to say you'll make a hot queen.

Speaking of the queen

Just saw the King's Speech last week, pretty good.

Billy!! Saw on the news he rescued a judge lost in the wilds of England instead of going on his honeymoon.

I don't think there are any actual wedding photos in this set you'll have to wait for Series 2 for those!

The set goes for $19.99 plus $4.22 in shipping, but you save 3 bucks with the QVC special price.  If you're really into it you can go here to see more.

Stay tuned for more indepth looks at cards you probably don't want to own.

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  1. Would you rather have the cards or this--

  2. Are there "wedding used" cards? Pieces of the dress perhaps? ;-)

  3. If I only had 20 bucks to spend I'd probably go for the cards, if I had to choose between the two, I'm sure my fiance would go the exact opposite direction.

  4. Congratulations you've just recieved a authentic piece of Pippa Middleton's thong! Coming in Series 2.