Monday, May 9, 2011

Pow Pow Pacquiao!!!

I don't know how many of you out there follow the world of martial arts, which yes I consider boxing a martial art, but last weekend pitted one of the greats of boxing against one of the... well.

This weekend Manny Pacquiao took on Sugar Shane Mosley, and it wasn't even really a fight.  I missed it.  I couldn't afford the Pay-per-view and I kinda forgot Saturday about it but I've read all the article so now you know I'm an expert.  Hopefully I'll be able to watch some online video of the fight tonight, but from all the articles and reports there's not much to watch.  12 rounds of Mosley trying not to get his ass kicked too bad.  What a shame.  Manny is currently the top ranked pound for pound fighter on the planet. And for good reason, he's pretty good.  As a matter of fact, he's so good it's hard to find people that will fight him.  For good reason Pacquiao ends careers, just as Oscar De La Hoya.  Pacquiaos even gained weight to move up in class to fight bigger opponents and it hasn't stopped him.

Talk is now that Manny might fight Juan Manuel Marquez for a third time or maybe Floyd Mayweather Jr

I use to be really into the whole boxing world.  Back in the Holyfield, Foreman, and Tyson days, before he went all tattooed cannibal. But as of late there is few guys to get behind or get excited about.  Except for maybe Pacquiao and Mayweather.  And I just can't seem to get into MMA.  I've tried and I've got buddies who are gaga for it, but to be honest when you sit and watch a UFC fight it's more of guys rolling around on the ground trying to choke each other or break bones.  And while I know there is years of training and experience in those fighter, and I sure as hell know they could kick the living crap out of me, there's just not that much grace.  When you throw two MMA guys in a cage together it's all about the primal. Each has his own fighting style and it's a match up to see who comes out on top, just with a lot of hugging.
With boxing it's a disciple.  You have set rules and the two fighters are using the same technique. They might approach that technique in different ways but they all have to follow the same rules and that means each has a group of skills they have to use.  No leg sweeps or choke holds, just reflexes and style.  I'm preaching, but I have a point.  Somewhere in this rant.  The point being with MMA you throw two guys in a ring with a minimal amount of rules, such as no groin or throat shots, and if a guy taps out or gives you stop.  That's pretty basic, I know that there are even more serious (illegal?) fights where there are no rules.  I guess this breaks it down to survival fighting, thunderdome!!!  And I see the appeal a guy who can enter the cage and come out against some guy using a style that he's not adapt in or that his style is better has it's place, but boxing well boxing is more of a gentlemen's martial art.  I remember dating a girl years ago that hate boxing.  She couldn't understand the point.  But she had a hard time understanding the need and appeal of most organized sports.

So here's to you Manyy Pacquiao on a much deserved win, even if Mosley didn't want to show up.
And since this is sports card blog here's a Pacquiao card from the future.
From the upcoming 2011 Topps Allen and Ginter.

cb out.

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