Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heading out!!

I have been terrible.  Well terrible at getting trades made and updating this blog.  I could blame the holiday weekend or the fact that I'm leaving for a 10 day work trip, but it comes down to me being a little lazy.  So to Darren and Scott, both of whom have expressed interest in a trade, I'm sorry.  I'll be back in town on June 10th and then I get 5 days off straight and I'll get these trades done, if you still want to do them. 

It's that time of year again for me.  The field season starts in just a few hours.  For those who don't know I work as a Fisheries Biologist here in Alaska and my job pretty much is to travel the state and make sure that fish can get though culverts along Alaska's few but very long road systems.  This year we have 3 crews heading out and I'm heading to Juneau to train some people and enjoy the rain.

So my posts might get sparse for a week or so, but when I get back into town Series 2 should have hit the shelves, we can hope, and I'll be able to crack some packs.  So I hope you all had an enjoyable Memorial Day and I'll post when I can.

cb out.

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  1. I knew you lived in Alaska and had some kind of conservation job but I didn't know it had anything to do with fishing. As an avid fly fisherman I have to say that you sir are one lucky SOB.

    (my wife has a customer that owns a fishing lodge somewere in in Alaska and she is supposed to give us a week there next year, so make sure the fishing is great just south of Jeneau net year...)