Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oldest card ever revisted!!

Wow I really haven't had anything to blog about in the last few days.  I'm planning on heading down to the old LCS and picking up a few packs of Jumbo Bowman before prices skyrocket there.  That's all I'm going to buy, two jumbos, no boxes, no blasters, maybe a retail rack pack, but that's it.  And if by chance I hit a Harper auto, I'll put it up on ebay and put my future children through college, but I'm not going to get my hopes up.

Anyway, I blogged last month about a couple cool auctions over at Robert Edward Auctions and kinda forgot about them when they ended on the 8th.

So here is a recap of the final ending prices, if anyone is interested, of the three cards I featured.

First is the oldest baseball card in the world.
I was surprised this card didn't go for more, but it ended at $30,000.00.  Still respectable but slightly less then I thought it would take.

Next is the Honus Wagner restored T206 card.
Honus brought in $160,000.00. 

But the big winner for the auction was the T210 Old Mill Shoeless Joe Jackson card.

Joe brought in $170,000.00.  Wow hard to think that this card is worth almost as much as my house. 
I'll be back later with my day late analysis of this years Bowman.  I've already seen quite a few posts on it and they ain't good.

cb out.

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  1. The posts ain't good or the cards? :P

    This is the first I've heard of the Reds card, very oldest card now looks a whole lot younger