Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So that's what's in there.

Well howdy all,
I emailed Colbey over at Cardboard Collections thanking him for the last group break and letting him know I got the cards and asking if there was going to be a May group break.  Colbey assured me that there would definitely be a May group break and told me he had sent me another goodie and that I should expect it soon.  Speaking of cheap group breaks head on over to Cards from the Quarry for their first group break, still lots of good teams up for grabs over there.

Anyways a couple of days ago I got Colbey's package and inside was this little gem.

But something wasn't quite right when I looked at the card.  The relics were slightly askew. So I took the card out of the wrapper it was in and found that this card was actually not what it appeared.  To set the record straight Colbey promised me nothing here and for a while now I've wanted to open a relic card up and see it's guts.  I've put the card back together so it looks nice in the above scan but when I took it out of the team bag it came apart.  So I got my wish it seems.  If you've ever wanted to see what's really in the middle of one of these relic cards take a look.

Here's the side by side too.

Interesting I'm curious why the bat piece are larger than they need to be.  I'll ponder a guess that it's a standard size for some of their other relic cards.  Colbey sent along a nice note, but no details on what happened to the card. I'm not sure if he ever posted about the inner works of a relic.  But thanks Colbey, for a nice Jenkins quad relic.  This card was also numbered to 250.  I had thought about gluing it back together but I kinda like the novelty of being able to actually see the relics.  If you look close to the relic card you'll notice a rectangular pop out above the relics on the right.  I'm assuming that this was where an sticker auto would go.  There's a corresponding punch out on the picture side as well.  

Thanks Colbey can't wait for the next group break!

cb out.


  1. So the card fell apart when you took it out? There wasn't anything wrong w/ the card when I received it in the mail after buying it on eBay. Man I'm really sorry about that. Thankfully I "stole" the card and only paid $.99.

  2. Seriously? I thought for sure you meant to send it too me like that. LOL. When I opened envelope I thought wow cool card and then I looked closer and all the relics were slightly askew and there was a big bend in the left center side. I figure you found it in the quarter bin all beat up and thought of me. It's still a cool card and I got neat story out of it. Stoopid Post office.