Friday, January 18, 2013

3rd Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web Conference Championship Week Pre-Game

Well we lost quite a few people after the Divisional Round last week.  The Ravens upset really took a chunk out and if Seattle had been able to hold one, whew, well we are down to eleven.  And  for the first time in this contest's three year history we might actually have someone who picked the right team and the opponent. And it might come to that since every team is picked by at least 2 people.

Here's who's left.

Shane P. - Ravens over Falcons , 39 points, 5 TO

Adam E - 49ers over Broncos, 48 points , 2 TO

Wilson - Patriots over Seahawks, 63 points, 4 TO (pimp)

hiflew - Falcons over Texans, 41 points , 3 TO

Jeff Wilk - Falcons over Pats, 38 points, 4 TO

Brian Conrad -  Patriots over 49ers, 52 points, 2 TO

arpsmith- 49ers over Broncos, 36 points, 3 TO

The Diamond King - Patriots over 49ers, 49 points , 3 TO

Skroeker - 49ers over Patriots, 45 points, 3 TO (pimp)

Chunter - Patriots over 49ers, 42 points, 4 TO (pimp)

Brads Blog - Patriots over Falcons, 56 points, 3 TO

Robert - Ravens over Packers, 47 points, 3 TO

daddyohoho - Patriots over 49ers, 49 points, 2 TO

Richard Nebe Jr - Falcons over Redskins, 35 points, 3 TO

Good luck I'll try to update the contest Sunday night or Monday morning.

Cb out.


  1. I thought I posted this last week, but I guess it didn't take. I think I'm also eliminated, because if the Pats win, someone will beat me in the first tiebreaker, either Brads Blog with the Falcons, or 4 people with the 49ers.

    1. Hey Wilson,
      Your not officially eliminated since the contest only asked for the winner, but yes you are right you'd be beat if we had to go to the tie breakers.