Sunday, January 20, 2013

3rd Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web - Championship Weekend Aftermath

Wow, I was wondering if we would have a major upset this weekend.  And honestly we almost had two.  The Falcons came out so hot, but true to form blew it in the end.  Sorry Falcons fans I was rooting for you.

But the Ravens spanking the Pats was our big upset and took our the majority of the field.  With that said we will have a winner this year for picking the right team!!!! Which remember is all I asked for, but again we had no one pick the right opponent so we'll have to go to points.  And remember everyone who entered is still in for the door prize.

So we are down to 5.  Two for the Ravens and 3 for the Niners.  Good luck you guys.  I'll have the Pre-Super Bowl Tail Gate post in about 2 weeks.

Shane P. - Ravens over Falcons , 39 points, 5 TO

Adam E - 49ers over Broncos, 48 points , 2 TO

Wilson - Patriots over Seahawks, 63 points, 4 TO (pimp)

hiflew - Falcons over Texans, 41 points , 3 TO

Jeff Wilk - Falcons over Pats, 38 points, 4 TO

Brian Conrad -  Patriots over 49ers, 52 points, 2 TO

arpsmith- 49ers over Broncos, 36 points, 3 TO

The Diamond King - Patriots over 49ers, 49 points , 3 TO

Skroeker - 49ers over Patriots, 45 points, 3 TO (pimp)

Chunter - Patriots over 49ers, 42 points, 4 TO (pimp)

Brads Blog - Patriots over Falcons, 56 points, 3 TO

Robert - Ravens over Packers, 47 points, 3 TO

daddyohoho - Patriots over 49ers, 49 points, 2 TO

Richard Nebe Jr - Falcons over Redskins, 35 points, 3 TO


  1. My luck is fantastic. I picked both teams correctly, but I picked them one year too early in your contest. Oh well, maybe that's good new for the Falcon and Texans in 2014.

    BTW, congrats on the crazy numbers on your comic sales. The best time for a financial windfall is the beginning of the baseball card year.

    1. Thanks Johnny, Unfortunately almost all the money is spoken for, but I'm glad I was able to get what I got.