Friday, January 18, 2013


A little dramatic?  Oh yeah.

My wife had her Ladies who Lunch, Dames who Dine, Chicks who Chow or whatever they call it dinner last night.  It's one of those lady get togethers where they can bitch about men, discuss the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy and other woman issues.  That left me with no real rush to get home last night so I headed down to the Target to pick up a new CO2 Detector. As luck would have it Target was completely out of them.  Serious not a single CO2 detector in the CO2 detector aisle. So I ended up walking over to the toy section to see if they had by some miracle gotten any Lego Series 9 Minifigures in.  They had not. However they had a huge section of deeply discounted toys.  And mixed in to the pile of mostly crap I was able to pull out a Mego Bloks Spider-man play set for $5 and found about 11 Halo Series 3 blind packs for under a buck a piece. Not that I'm into the Halo Mega Bloks, but that's a good deal.  Lets just say I still think my trip to Target was a success.

And since I still had no reason to hurry home I decided to head over to Don's Sportcards which is just down the road from Target in south Anchorage.  I wanted to pick his brain about my  Topps Exclusive Deal bitch I've been working on and just to stop in so he could rub in the fact that his Niners beat the crap out of my Packers.

So what's the point you ask?  This is getting a little long winded you say?  Sorry.

Point is Don had a bunch of new singles from this years Gypsy Queen and Allen and Ginter.  He has a customer he calls the hurricane that comes in and buys a lot of stuff. Opens it there, takes what he wants and usually leaves what he doesn't , mostly base cards, but there were a fair amount of mini's and inserts mixed in as well.

I was able to find the last card I needed for my Gypsy Queen set and found all but one of the Allen and Ginters.  This is where you come in.  I only need one more card.  This one...

#197 Ty Cobb.

So if any of you out there in the Blogosphere happen to have an extra one of these to trade let me know.  Plus I still have a lot of stuff on my need list you can find it here.  And of course I'm always looking for Brewers and Packers cards for my team sets and card for my PC's.

CB out!!


  1. I have that card! Looking at my trade list, I also have a "Gold Standard" insert from '12 Topps and a "Man's Best Friend" A&G card that you need as well. Shoot me an email w/yr address - at g mail dot com.

  2. I did have that card at one point but didn't get to keep it. If you ever need any other cards in the future, just keep an eye on the Take My Cards section of my blog.

    -Fellow Packer Fan-

  3. and go back out and get that CO detector. Too many people die from that crap and it's easy to prevent.

    The Snob aka Deputy Chief 2 (TFD)