Sunday, January 13, 2013

3rd Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web Divisional Playoff Update

Wow that was a great weekend of football.  The only thing that would have made it better was a Packer win. But holy cow, double over time!! I don't think anyone expected that game to be that competetive. An incredible comeback by Seattle that almost gave them the game.  The 49ers Packers battle was pretty good at least up until the Packers pretty much started giving the game to the 49ers.  The Texans and Pats game was pretty cut and dry, but the Texas gave it a good try in the 4th.  Anyhow, the Denver game was our big upset for sure and we knocked a bunch of teams out with that one.

Greg Z - Broncos over Packers, 50 points, 3 TO

Shane P. - Ravens over Falcons , 39 points, 5 TO

Eric L - Broncos over 49ers, 58 points , 3 TO

Adam E - 49ers over Broncos, 48 points , 2 TO

Wilson - Patriots over Seahawks, 63 points, 4 TO (pimp)

hiflew - Falcons over Texans, 41 points , 3 TO

Jeff Wilk - Falcons over Pats, 38 points, 4 TO

Brian Conrad -  Patriots over 49ers, 52 points, 2 TO

High Five Man - Broncos over Packers, 43 points, 3 TO

arpsmith- 49ers over Broncos, 36 points, 3 TO

Johngy - Broncos over 49ers, 62 points , 2 TO

Tim Byrd - Broncos over Redskins, 55 points, 6 TO

The Dimwit - Broncos over Packers, 47 points, 2 TO

The Diamond King - Patriots over 49ers, 49 points , 3 TO

Fan of Reds - Texans over Packers, 53 points, 4 TO

Spankee - Packers over Broncos, 40 points, 2 TO

Skroeker - 49ers over Patriots, 45 points, 3 TO (pimp)

Josh D. -  Seahawks over Patriots, 54 points, 1 TO (Dammit Josh I thought a girl actually entered my contest)

Chunter - Patriots over 49ers, 42 points, 4 TO (pimp)

Brads Blog - Patriots over Falcons, 56 points, 3 TO

Robert - Ravens over Packers, 47 points, 3 TO

irondequoit36 - Broncos over Seahawks, 48 points, 3 TO (pimp)

daddyohoho - Patriots over 49ers, 49 points, 2 TO

Richard Nebe Jr - Falcons over Redskins, 35 points, 3 TO

So we lost ten this weekend.  Should be an interesting Championship week.  Thanks again for playing.

cb out.

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