Friday, January 25, 2013

TTM Success Olympic Weightlifter Sarah Robles

I was surprised the other day to find one of my return TTM envelopes in my mailbox.  There was no postmark on the envelope so I had no idea who it could have been from. I still have lots out in the world, but haven't sent any TTM in a couple of months.

So I was glad to see another one of my Olympic TTM's come back.

Olympic Weightlifter Sarah Robles!

Sarah ended up getting 7th in the +75kg wieght class in the 2012 Olympic games.  She has a very nice blog called Pretty Strong and is hoping to qualify for the 2016 games as well.

I looked back at my notes and I got the address I used from her blog.  That address has changed so I'm going to post the new one instead of the one I used, as it is most likely not current.

Date sent
Oct 10, 2012
Date Recieved
Jan 22, 2013

Address to use:
Sarah Robles (Pretty Strong)
1515 S Extension Rd. #2064
Mesa, AZ 85210

A great addition for my 2012 Topps Olympic autograph quest.
Thanks Sarah and good luck!

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