Friday, January 25, 2013

A letter to the Commissioner of Baseball -A look back at Topps Exclusive License Part 4

I've been slowly working on this letter.  Crafting it.  Rewriting it.  Trying to sound halfway coherent.

If you enjoy the hobby of baseball card collecting I encourage you to take the time to pen a few lines for the Commissioner yourself.  While I have no illusions that my letter more than likely will never be seen by Bud Selig, I know that my silence most definitely will.  I've also sent an almost identical letter to Tim Brosnon, the Executive Vice President of Business for the MLB.  Send them a note, email, whatever.  Let them know how you feel.  Even if you liked the Topps deal.  This is about feedback and the one person they never asked about this exclusive deal was us.  At least I don't ever remember being asked.  And I'll state again that this is not done as a hatred toward Topps.  This is done for choice, for creativity, and most of all for the future generations of card collectors. Lets look at these last three years as an experiment.  Was that experiment a success?  For Topps pocket book I'm sure it was.   For us fans, well that's a bit more muddled.  And for the MLB?  Who knows?  I just know for myself I was unsatisfied and found myself getting kinda bored with the hobby.  I know I'm not alone here either.

Here's the address for the Commissioner

Commissioner Bud Selig
245 Park Ave., 31st floor
New York, NY 10167

Anyways here's what I wrote. It ended up being two pages sorry for the formatting issue on the second page and I tried to be formal yet conversational and didn't bad mouth Topps, but tried to lay out the facts and my opinion on the matter.

Page 2

I want to thank everyone who took the time to read the series, I know it wasn't the most organized and I tend to ramble.  I want to thank Ryan Cracknell over at Cardboard Connection for posting links to the posts too.