Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Trade Bait-a-poloooosa Come and get it

While I threw my hits up on eBay as soon as I could.  Gotta try and make some money back.  I have lots of parallels to trade.  Emeralds, Golds, Reds and Blues and a bunch of inserts I won't be collecting.  I also have a nice stack of extras if anyone needs a few cards to fill up a set.  I was lucky enough to get a full set from Jumbo, blaster and rack pack.  I also ended up picking up a Target blaster just to see what red parallels I could get.

What do I want you ask?  Well I'll take any Brewers parallels you got, any 72 mini's off my need list and the Calling Card and The Greats inserts you want to get rid of.  There all right here. I also would take any help from any of my other set needs or Brewers or Packers team sets.

Here's what I have....

That Green A-Rod has a bent corner.
and that red Haren has a crimped upper right edge/corner too.

I know I've already got a couple people interested in trading and have started piles for them.  So drop me a line on here or email me through my profile.

cb out.


  1. Hey,

    I'd be interested in the RA Dickey calling card and the gold Murphy. I have the #5 mini I can send your way, and I'm sure I can find something else too.

    Let me know

    1. They're yours. I might be able to help out with you want list a little too.

  2. What is that, three blasters? No Red Sox parallels? Unless that is one of those refractorish WIllimas you got screwed!! :)

  3. I'm interested in the Jansen green, and the Gonzalez and Billingsley blue. I know I have a Weeks blue for you, I'll try to find some more.

  4. I'm interesteed in the Cut to the Chase inserts, a few of the Chasing The Dream inserts, and the Waino blue and the McKlellen green. Email me at cardscrush99@yahoo.com if you would be interested in putting a trade together.

  5. Interested in the Chasing History and the CC CC (calling card that is)