Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spring Training - Joy!!!

Well it's official. Spring training has begun.  Sure it's just the first day and like the first day of school not much gets done.  First official work out won't be till tomorrow, but still....  I love this time of year.  I have to say being able to go down and enjoy a couple ST games last spring was a blast and something I would do again in a heart beat.  This year I'll have to satisfy my joy with TTM's and watching games on the internet, but still I'm excited.  I'll probably be excited for the first month and then as my team slowly sinks into the cellar of the standings become less excited, but with a new season comes new hope and new players and old players.  I'll have a TTM post here in a couple of days I'm waiting for some cards to arrive to send down and I need to go buy some stamps.

In baseball card news....Upper Deck yesterday was posting on Facebook and twitter all sorts of intriguing questions about what if they got a baseball card license what would you like to see UD make.  And I saw not too long ago that they tweeted to Cardboard Connection that they would be putting out baseball cards this year.  Of course UD had "baseball cards" last year too that weren't all that impressive. And the cards they put out this year won't be MLB licensed, but could Upper Deck make a move for next year? Do they have the money?  Would MLB even deal with Upper Deck?  Did Upper Deck just come into some money say from a life insurance policy on McWilliams?  Who knows.  But I'm glad to see that UD and Panini both are sniffing around the edges.  It might just mean we see a little more variety next year.

So everybody enjoy your Tuesday, I've got an outhouse to build.

cb out

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