Monday, February 25, 2013

What you don't race outhouses??!!??

Sorry I've been slacking here at the Crack.  I've been really busy the past two weeks.  It's Fur Rondy time up here in Anchorage.  Fur Rendezvous is the annual winter carnival and now buts up to the start of the Iditarod sled dog race which will start this coming Saturday.

That being said this was my second year helping out with our Outhouse race team.  To be honest our usual team leader was out working and I had to take over.  I had some great friends to help out.  But it's been 2 weeks of going over to a friends garage to do the build a couple hours a night after work.

This was only my second year with the team, but the team has been racing for the last 7.  And every year we build a new outhouse.  The old outhouse gets burned at the annual Slo-Mo Cornhole Party at a buddies house.  Anyways we try to do some current political or other news worthy theme. This year we picked the Kulluk oil rig near disaster.

Here's the mostly finished product.
I found a cheap helicopter at Value Village it really tied the outhouse together.

I also didn't get to take many pictures as I was racing most of the time.  Which is too bad. But I did get a few.  There were lots of great outhouses this year and we did really well. Dr. Who even showed up.
They won best theme.

  There are two classes in the race, traditional and unlimited.  We accidentally got lumped into the unlimited and I think if we'd have been in the traditional we'd have taken the class and maybe the grand championship.  Some of our races that we lost at the end were insanely close.

We ended up taking second in our class and winning for best architecture. We took the skirt off the back to race.  We had talked about taking the whole decking off, but to be honest it makes the outhouse.  I designed and built her to be super light and maneuverable.  She didn't disappoint.

Thanks to Team Love on the Rocks.  I'm in there if you can figure out which one is me.  I don't normally post photos of myself so good luck.

We now return to your regular posts.

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