Friday, February 15, 2013

HELP again!

Well you guys are awesome.  I just want to tell everybody that contacted me that all the trade packages went out yesterday or are going out this afternoon.  With the exception of the Baseball Card Snob who I need to look through your want list  this weekend.  That being said I'll probably update the trade post with my 2013 inserts and parallels available.  Sorry to say that all the Dodgers, Giants, Rangers, Mets, and Braves are gone and possibly Yankees after I get done trading with the BBCS.  And it was a little overwhelming with other stuff going on, but I think I took care of everybody.

Now onto the help part.  Last month I asked for help completing my 2012 Allen and Ginter set.  Marcus over at All the Way to the Backstop stepped up and not only sent me the card, but a crap load of other goodies.  Marcus your thank you package is on the way.

As you know I'm working on putting together Brewers team sets.  Right now I'm focusing on Topps and I am insanely close to being completely done with this task.  I have completed all the base sets, but I still have a few cards I need from the Traded and Update sets.  All from the 2000's.  I have been picking up lots of cards off of SportsLots and Justcommons, but there are a few cards on my list that aren't on either site.  As a matter of fact I haven't been able to find them anywhere.

So here's my list of cards left to finish off my Brewers Topps Team Sets.  You can also find my very long want list here and on the sidebar.

2001 Topps Traded
T212 Jason Belcher RC - This is one of those cards I can't find anywhere.

2002 Topps Traded  - a few of these are hard to find as well, at least for me.
T23 Nelson Figueroa
T47 Glendon Rusch
T63 Eric Young
T71 Paul Bako

2003 Topps Traded

T78 Wes Helms
T86 Eddie Perez
T90 John Vander Wal
T264 Mike Adams FY RC

2005 Topps Update and Highlights
303 Manny Parra FY RC

2007 Topps Update and Highlights
150 Ryan Braun RC

I know Topps Traded and Update is not one of the most collected sets in recent history, but I figure I'd see if anyone out in the blogosphere can help out.  

Let me know I'm sure we can work a trade out.

cb out


  1. I can't help with the updates and highlights but I do have a CP-17 Ryan Braun patch card from 2013 topps you can have.

    1. Absolutely, Ive got a nice Chipper bat card if you want it I'll email you later today.