Thursday, February 21, 2013

2013 Turkey Red - going, going, gone live!

As I write this there's not a ton of stuff up on ebay yet, but I have seen a few posts on box break forums that people are getting their Turkey Red orders in.  Here are a few scans of what the cards look like and a few autos already up for sale.  I assume that in the next 48 hours ebay will be packed with this stuff.
Here's Yu.
And Bryce.

One of the autos I'll be chasing. Sadly I have a nicer TTM auto of this guy.

Here's what a back will look like, I'm assuming the auto and regular backs are similar with the autos haveing the Topps Disclaimer.  Looks like all autos are sticker autos as well.  Some of the subjects like Jose here are very low numbered.
There are also dark bordered parallel autos all numbered to just 10!


  1. I'm glad there are only a few Braves in the set for me to bring on GQ and A&G!

    1. I actually think that the Brewers have more auto cards in this than base.