Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2012 Topps Turkey Red Football?

Hot on the heels of Topps online only Turkey Red Baseball offering this year comes last years Football!! I saw this posted on Sports Collectors Daily's Facebook feed and that's the only place I've seen it yet.

If you ask Topps their Turkey Red baseball was a huge success, for them.  They sold out of product in less than a day even with a cap on the amount of boxes you could order.  Now boxes are going somewhere between $60-70 online.  So why not throw out an online exclusive football set, dated to last year so we can put last year's rookies in it, although last year we saw some great rookies and rookie performances.  Looks like it'll be just like 2011's Topps Magic online offering.  All rookies with one auto per box.  

Still waiting for more product info, like a checklist or release date.  Don't look to Topps.com.  There's no news there anymore.  Topps.com is now just a store front. I think Topps has officially moved it's online presence to Facebook, although you won't find much information there either.   I wonder if this is a statement by Topps about their commitment to brick and mortar hobby shops?

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  1. I'm getting tired of seeing these "online" high priced deals. Overpriced to begin with and it has a rookie auto from the 17th supplemental round of trades between nfl teams. I'm seeing more & more higher prices and even less cards.