Friday, March 8, 2013

2013 Heritage Help

So even after my last post I don't really hate this year's Heritage.  I just hate SP's and the price point of the product.

But I am going to complete my Brewer's team set for the product.  I already have a team set coming minus the SP's so that's where the Help comes in.  I know that a few of you out there are going to put this set together.  While a lot of you, like me, probably are not and just pick up a few packs or blasters here and there.  So I'd like to ask anyone out there if you happen to come across any of these Brewers SP's and don't want them, I would like to trade for them.  This year the Brewers have 4 players in the SP section of the set.

460 - Ryan Braun
476 - Yovani Gallardo
497 - Jonathan Lucroy

Here's what they look like.

There is also one action photo variant that I know off too.  I'm not sure about color variants.


And I'm also looking for  the Gallardo relic and any other Brewers inserts and parallels.

Thanks CB out.

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