Thursday, March 7, 2013

2013 Topps Heritage Baseball - Pass....for now

Before I get into the rant I know some of you our there really love Heritage.  And that's great.  I kind of like Heritage too.  I ended up going after last years set, because I really like the 1963 design and I'll probably go after next years set, because I really like the 1965 design, but sandwiched in the middle is 1964 that's just kind of boring for me.  So right off the bat this years Heritage has a strike against it.  Sure the 1964 is a classic clean design, but not my favorite for sure.  But the biggest kicker for me with Heritage is that it's a set builders nightmare and box prices are way too high.

I'm still trying to finish the 2010 and 2012 sets.  The high number cards do add value, but unless you're busting cases of this stuff it's almost impossible to put together a set on your own and then your at the mercy of others trying to get all those damn high numbered SP cards, all 75 of them.

Anyways my local LCS have this for about $75 bucks a box.  You can get it a little cheaper online for about $67.  I'm sorry, but this is just too high for a box of cards that you only get one hit in.  Sure there are a few other goodies like chrome and refractor cards, mini's, Venezuela backs, ect, but for the most parts your one hit will be this...
And your box topper will most likely be this..

So I'm sorry if I feel paying more than $50 for a box of this is too much.  I put this release close to Topps Flagship.  Hmmm Heritage Jumbo anyone?  That could be interesting.

That's not to say I haven't bought any new Heritage.  I broke down and picked up a blaster and couple loosy retail packs last week, and a couple hobby packs yesterday at trade nigh.  I have managed to pull two relic cards, both Royals, and both worth about a buck a piece.  And I'd be honest if it wasn't for all the SP's I might even go after this set again, because I do like the look of the cards and I think these would make great TTM's.

But that's not to say there's not some cool stuff you could get in a box. I mean if your lucky you could get one of these as a box topper.
Topps ruining perfectly good real 1964 cards.  Can anyone tell me what's up with the 50th Anniversary stamp?  I'm pretty sure Topps is 62 or 63 this year right?

You might also luck out and get this as your top loader..
Nice hair Joe.

Or if your really lucky maybe something like this...
And you might luck out on your hit and get one of these..

And I swear Topps listens to me from time to time.  Last year I was pondering on the blog if Topps would include buyback 1964 coins since that was the first year Topps tried Topps Coins.  And sure enough they did.
I haven't seen the a checklist for these and I'm not sure if they are all limited to just 4 per player or if other players have different hand serial numbering.  Still cool.  I also thought it would have been neat if Topps had added an insert with current players on a new coin insert.  It's been 20 years since the last Topps Coin set I think we're ready.  Speaking of coins.
Various denomination of the '64 Mint cards.  Funny thing is I have a 1964 nickel in my pocket right now.

I'm curious if your allowed to drink on the job at Topps.  Most of these Stamp cards I've seen are all crooked.
Here's some more of the cooler cards you might get, if your really lucky.

I like to think that Heritage is a little feast or famine depending on the box you get.  I mean there are those insanely nice bat knob books possible, haven't seen one hit ebay yet, and they might be redemptions.  But for the most part your going to get your semi star relic in your box with an advertising panel box topper.  That's just the way it is.  So this year I'm going to pass on trying to put this set together, and I impressed myself last night not springing  for at least one hobby box to have something to open. Although in a few months if I can snag a box for around half a C-note maybe.  But keep posting about your breaks I love seeing what people get and I'm probably going to just buy a Brewers base team set, but I'm up for trading for the 4 or so High Number SP Brewers cards if you get one and any of the Brewers inserts.

cb out

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