Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Silver Slate Redemption Pack is Here

..prepare to be disappointed.  Well maybe not all of you.

Anyways I was pleased to see a bubble mailer from Duryea, PA in my mail box this afternoon.

The packs are clear cellophane and you can see the top and bottom card so really it's the middle three cards that are the big surprise.  I didn't snag one of those Gray cards numbered to just 10 or autos, but the rumor is that there were only 150 of each card produced.  At least thats the skuttlebutt I see all over ebay right now.
I'm not sure why these are called silver slate cards they are more of a steel blue. Anyways all five are available for trade if you are  interested.  


  1. I'll trade for the Holliday. Email me I think I have some Brewers sitting around that I could get you. Thanks!

  2. Well I got mine on friday and I pulled a RYAN BRAUN # 8/10 which also happens to be his jersey number. It is a nice card though despite how much I don't like him as a cheater.

  3. Heya, in case you are interested in trading the Sabathia I am happy to set up a trade !!