Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 Topps Diamonds and Royals

Do lack the bling?  Do you like huge rings like your class ring only with the Topps Logo and diamonds?  This is old news I'm sure you've heard but Topps had Josten's make 60 diamond rings for their anniversary and they want you to jump through the hoop to get it.  You know Josten's they probably made your class ring from high school.  They made mine. Anyway, I guess when you redeem the Diamond Giveaway cards you get a change to "dig" for diamonds and the goal is to collect 60 virtual diamond rings to win a real one.  Plus Topps is giving out 10 rings to random HTA stores and one to Beckett.  Also you'll unlock a Topps card that I'm assuming is like last year that you can trade or pay to have shipped to you or die cut diamond cards or diamond embedded cards.  We'll have to see I'm not sure when the site is suppose to be up officially.  Since last years MCG site took awhile to work all the bugs out when it was unveiled I'll probably wait to redeem my codes.

Other old Topps news, Topps will be making a Royal Nuptials card for Kate and Prince William.  Joy.  Now I'm going to buy some of that for sure.  Whatever.

Is anyone really excited about maybe getting one of these Topps Rings?  I can say no, no I'm not.  I wonder how much those diamonds are worth?  Does anyone read the Topps Blog anymore?  or the news at the Topps website?  I'll be honest this is the first time I've read either in a while.  I was looking for the official launch date of the TDG which I realize is on the back of the giveaway cards but I don't have any with me at work and I was curious. Someone chime in and tell me.


  1. It's ok as a promotion I guess. I'd sell it if I won it. I do think it's a joke that they had this count down website ( for the top 60 cards and just got lazy and kind of stopped at #23. Like someone at corporate just forgot to keep updating the website.

  2. I'd like to have a Royal Nuptials card just for the pleasure of being able to look at Kate Middleton on cardboard whenever I feel like it. Ooh la la

  3. I was just thinking the same think on the Topps 60 countdown. How I hadn't seen an update in forever and now I can't even seem to find the link. If Topps can hire a guy to do nothing but handle complaints I would think they could hire some one to do nothing but handle their website and blog, kinda like Panini.

  4. I meant same thing, thinking the same thing.

  5. I couldn't keep a ring that had more bling that my wife's engagement ring! I'd sell it in a heartbeat if I won it. I'm not hoarding these code cards so I doubt my few entries will amount to much anyhow.

    I do want to hoard those Diamond parallel cards though. I'm hooked on 'em. Treating them pretty much like Pokemon right now - Gotta' catch 'em all!

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