Friday, February 11, 2011

Just some thoughts on the Series 1 Wrapper Redemption.

This isn't breaking news by any means.  You should all know that Topps is doing another wrapper redemption for Series 1 Topps Baseball.  Wrapper redemptions were all the rage back in the 90's.  I remember sending in my Fleer Ultra wrappers for a limited edition Eckersley set back in the day.  I wonder where those cards are now? 

I found it interesting that last week while at trade night people were tossing their wrappers away.  Or most people were.  And yep I went dumpster diving.  Why not.  Pretty much free cards.  But unlike the Chrome redemptions there was no advertising for the redemption at the shop.  I'm thinking they probably didn't know.  It would seem like anything to sell more cards would be a good thing.  Not my point.  My point is why do I still have to mail these wrappers in.  It seems like such a waste.  This is the 21st century for God's sake.  I have to spend more money shipping trash back to Topps, Topps needs to hire someone to open my mail and count the trash I send, I need to make sure I include a letter with my address on it or something with my address on it, that's legible, and then they need to ship it out.  At least this year Topps is encouraging us to shipped all your wrappers together. 

So back to why we have to ship this stuff in.  I know Topps is terrible with the online stuff.  I don't see that changing anytime soon, but how hard would it have been if this was planned right to print codes on the insides of packs.  Have an online site where you set up an account enter codes and then after you enter 10 jumbo codes or 36 regular pack codes you get a free pack of there cards?  Seem like we reduce waste by no shipping trash through the mail, Topps doesn't need a person to open letters and count wrappers and it could be fairly automated.  Yes I know their redemption site sucks and it seems they are alwasy behind. 

But it occurs to me as I was packaging up my wrappers to send to Diarehha, I mean Duryea, that this could all be so much simpler.

Have a great weekend
cb out.


  1. Wow, never looked at the redemption program from this angle...but you are correct. It does seem pointless to send in wrappers in this day and age. Then again look who we're dealing with. I swear it seems Topps is still stuck in neutral (or reverse depending on who you talk to).

  2. You know after thinking about it an online wrapper redemption would be the way to go but dealing with Topps one has to wonder how badly they would fuck it up?

  3. It could just be that Topps doesn't want to make it easy - I imagine that they'd be sending out more cards if they could be redeemed through an online code.