Monday, February 7, 2011

Some Topps 2011 Insert Nicknames

Well we're almost at a full week of Topps Series 1 Baseball being out.  Ebay is plugged with it.   But what to search for?  How to put in that you'd like to find?  So here are the new Cynicalbuddha 2011 Topps Insert official nicknames.

First we have the SSP diamond glint cards.

I'm going to call these twinkle cards.  It's official 2011 Topps Twinkle Variations. 

What about those diamond parallels?  You would think diamond parallel would be enough, but I think Sparkle cards are better.

Here you are 4 sparkle or sparkley cards.  Sorry it's already been written. No changing it now.

Next up the gold and Black parallels, shall remain Gold and Black parallels. 

Next up is Diamond Duos.  You may refer to these inserts as shit, dog shit, crap, pointless, and diarrhea cards.  I don't think I like these.  I didn't like the Legendary Lineage and I certainly don't like them.
Here's what a conversation would be like if I was talking to them.
Me:  I don't like you and my friend over there doesn't like you!
DD: I'm sorry.
Me: You best be careful, I'm wanted on 6 systems.
DD:  I'll be careful.
Me:  You'll be dead!!!!

Next is the 60 years of Topps reprints.

I'll call these Topps is so old...

How old is he?

Topps is so old the first ones were carved in stone and had dinosaurs on them.

Next is the Topps 60th Anniversary Cards.  Next.

Next we have the Vintage Reprints.

We'll call these: Cards Yo Grandma Threw Out.

Alright that's all I got for now.  What'chu got?

Yes it's a dumb post but many of these inserts are dumb. 


  1. Enjoy these inserts, because we all know 2012 Topps will have inserts of the people running for governor of Maine and the 3rd district of Washington. At least these are all baseball players.

  2. Oh that is so true too. Election year Topps next year.