Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 Topps: I like it!

Sorry this post will be a little lame.  No scans yet.

I went to trade night at Bosco's which is the big comic book store that has a sports card shop attached last night.  It just so happened to be a pretty big night.  They had had a baseball promotion going on all winter giving away an Upper Deck Yankees Master set.  If you bought a box of baseball you got and entry  Every week they picked a winner for a Yankees relic card and if you won you got entered into the Master Set drawing that was last night.  I wasn't overly impressed with the set but the box was pretty kick ass.  I wasn't in that drawing but it brought out a huge number of people.  Add to that free pizza and soda and deals and you can see it's not a bad night.  Add to the fact that it was also release day for 2011 Topps Series 1 Baseball Hobby and it was a pretty good night all around.  I got there just in time to see that they had 2 Jumbo boxes left, and seeing that they were going for about 20 to 30 dollars cheaper than Blowout cards prices I decided to pick up both.  I've been buying 2 jumbos for a few years now and for my money the Jumbos are the way to go.  And I got a case hit out of one of them. No not an inscribed 60th anniversary auto, I wish but over all I did pretty well.  I'm hoping that I can make some of the ching I spent back on the hits.  It'll soften the blow of buying 2 jumbos at the same time.  I was planning on scanning everything last night but ended up working on taxes and financial stuff instead, so tonight I'll get it all organized and hopefully I might even collate my set and have extras to offer, and I think I'm only going to be collecting the Kimball Champions inserts this year (you know I love the mini's).  I tried and am still trying to complete a master set of 2010 and that might be a lost cause.  So that means I'd be willing to trade a lot of the inserts for Kimballs if you have any extras or are looking to get rid of any, I'll have that need list up tonight as well.

 Out of the 2 Jumbos, no damaged cards or missing hits.  As a matter of fact I got both autos, 2 relics, 2 glove nameplates, a variation and a silk card so I count that as 8 hits.  Plus the reason I love jumbos is one of each insert per pack so I have got 20 Kimball's, 20 diamond sparkles, 20 giveaway codes, 20 ect ect. 

Some thoughts.  The diamond cards are a nice touch.  While I don't think we need a third parallel set they are a nice addition and everyone is right they look pretty cool.  I wanted to be the only one who said these things suck, but they don't.  I think Topps could have gotten rid of the gold or black and just numbered the diamond cards. 

I like most of the inserts too, hell I even like the foil board Ticket to Toppstown cards. Does anyone remember the first year Topps put these out?  They were terrible.  No player on the card just Ticket to Topps Town and a code, boring.  At least now they are semi collectible.  I think the Diamond Duo is my least favorite but at least better than last years Legendary Lineage.  I don't even mind the Topps 60 reprints.  Silly, but I don't hate them.  Mainly because I pulled the one Yount in the set in the second pack, but not an original back. 

I haven't seen any diamond glint parallels either, but I didn't look  that hard now I have to go back and sort through 2 jumbo boxes worth of cards to see if I got any of those.

I also got lucky and snagged a bunch of extra wrappers from some guys who were just going to throw them away.  I'm not sure if they realized there is a wrapper redemption going on.  I didn't tell them either, I know I'm a bad man. 

Like I said kinda lame post.  I'll have pictures up tomorrow, promise.  I'm also looking forward to A Cardboard Problems group case break later today.  I'm in for the Brew crew.  And oddly enough one of my hits was a Prince Fielder Bat card.  I'm hoping for a Princey auto and some shiny, or maybe a Braun glove, that would be sweet!!!!

cb out


  1. Comic books, free pizza and trading cards all in one place? I betcha there were a bunch of nerds jammed in there! Joking of course. I'd be one of those nerds in there if I lived in your parts.

    I've got a hobby box sitting here beside me at work that UPS just delivered. I still have work to do so it's hard to resist busting it open immediately!

    Looking forward to your post to see what you scored.

  2. Nope Colbey, Your dead on Nerdapolossa. Although comic book nerds and card nerds aren't always the same, thought sometimes we are. Card nerds tend to be more socially well adjusted. It's one of the better trade nights simply because of the free food. Did you get a Jumbo hobby or regular hobby? And I'd be up for some trading too. Like I said I don't think I'm going to keep anything but the Kimball's and I'm not sure if I'm going to try and put two sets together this year so I might have lots of extras, I'll see how close I get to a second set when I collate.