Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trade Post 'bout time!!

Wow it's been a few days.  I ended up taking Tuesday off and making it a 4 day weekend.  A much needed mini-vacation.  Plus now I only have a 3 day work week this week, sweet.  But that means I neglected my blogging duties.  I've got a few things to post about, but first I want to catch up on my trade posts.

First Marie over at A Cardboard Problem inquired about some Cano's I had pulled from my two Series 1 Jumbo box breaks.  I had a Manu-glove and a Platinum Diamond cards that she wanted and we worked out a trade.

I was also in the Series 1 Case break and she sent me all my goodies all at once.  I didn't get anything too spectacular in the case break, I did pull about 4 team sets, a Braun Kimball and two Brewers Diamonds and a bunch of inserts.  I was hoping for a Braun glove or Fielder auto but what can you do?

So in the trade Marie sent me these two lovely Brewers relics from 2009 Goodwin Champions and a bunch of other Braun numbered cards and some other brewers stuff.  Very nice.  I think we're even Marie.

Next up is another trade with Greg from Plaschke thy Sweater is Argyle a hardcore Dodgers fan who was quicker than the other hardcore Dodgers fan also named Greg who is the Night Owl.  Anyways from the same box break Greg inquired about the Diamond  Clayton Kersaw and Carlos Santana I had up on the break and we set up a trade.  I also sent along some other random Dodgers cards from series 1 I had and he sent me a few odds and ends Brewers and Packers cards and this meat of the trade.
Actually the meat was the Hawk jersey card.  Very nice.  But I put the Freeman in there cuz he's numbered and shiny. 

And last but not least we get to my trade with Tony from the The Common (card) Man.  This is are second or third trade.  I lost track but it's usually a fairly large trade.  Last time I sent him a stack of 2010 Topps he needed and almost finished off his need list.  Oh so close.  So he emailed me asking if I'd like to trade for some 2011 Kimball Champions he had.  He wasn't going to put the set together, but I have a feeling he's going to attempt the Platinum Diamond Parallel set.  Because that's what we trade for.  We did a 1 for 1 on the Kimball/Diamonds.  I don't plan on collecting the Diamond variants other than the Brewers team set so it was a great deal for both of us and he knocked off 6 Kimballs from my need list.  He also sent me a huge stack of  2010 Topps Magic I needed for my set and a few 2010 T206's.  I also happened to have a ton of Score Hockey extras so I sent him a nice stack of those from his needs list.  Whew. 

Thanks to everybody and the trades.  If anybody has any 2010 Heritage extras I'm looking to finally completing that set, at least the base.  I have a ton of Heritage extras, as well as, huge stacks of 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 Topps Baseball and a few years of Topps Football, Score Hockey and Football, and 2009 Upper deck Baseball.  I'll probably put together a nice post about that some time later.  Check out my need list on the side bar.  And if you have any 2011 Diamond, Gold, Black, Wal-mart or Target parallel Brewers cards let me know I'm looking to complete my Brewers team sets in each of those parallel and the cards I need are on the needs list page. 

Alright have a great humpday everybody.

cb out

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  1. Did you get those Robert Brooks cards I sent ya?