Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's official the Packers have the Zoo animal vote!!!

As if I needed any more proof the Pack are going to win on Sunday, Texas zoo animals predict the Packers to win.  And we all know that animals, especially caged zoo animals know things they aren't telling us.

Last week a coati named Cody in at the Ft Worth zoo picked the Packers.  A coati is a type of raccoon.  And we all know how reliable their predictions are.  And you think that would be enough but NOO!!!

Yesterday Jenny the elephant at the Dallas zoo also predicted a Packer win by stomping on a watermelon with the Steelers logo on it. 

And not to be out done an orangutan in South Carolina also picked the Pack by picking a Packers T-shirt over the Steelers.  Totally scientific.

I don't know why the Steelers are even going to show up with the zoo animal vote so stacked in favor of the Packers!! 
But it doesn't matter the only animal I would take advice from is dead.  Paul the Octopus is gone and I'm not even sure if soccer predictions translate over to American football. 

On a more serious note Topps Series 1 is coming out "officially" tomorrow.  I know that there is already a bunch of stuff up on ebay and the it was out a little early in retail.  Not up in Alaska though.  I've got a trade night tomorrow and I'm praying that they actually get their shipment in so I can bust a box of jumbo.  I've been so good and haven't busted a box in months.  I will put the results up here for all to see.

cb out

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