Monday, January 31, 2011

Attention all Angels, Padres, White Sox and Giants fans you are needed for a Group Break

Well I'm in the Group Break over at Cardboard  Collections.  I do believe this is my 3rd break with Colbey, and I'm working on another trade with the man.  Well worth you time if you like a break that's a little different and cheap.  After I paid my 9 bucks!! That's it and it includes the shipping people.  Colbey asked if I knew anyone that regularly picked up the Angels, Padres, White Sox, or Giants.  And I don't have trading buddies with those teams but I figured I'd help out by re-pimping the contest with an APB to the above fans. 

Get yo butt over to Cardboard collections fool!!!
There's still a bunch of other teams too.  Pick up one, hell pick up two for a discount!!  The sooner you pay the soon we get to see what we get. 

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