Friday, January 14, 2011

Man the trash talk is getting deep.

Have you guys seen this yet?  It made me chuckle a little. 

I saw this over at the Shutdown corner by my least favorite sports reporter, but this is kinda funny.  Chase points out that they didn't do anything to vilify Brady and that they should have made him Chewy.  Really?  Chewy.  I mean I get it. His long hair, but Chewy was a good guy why would the New York Post want to portray Tom Brady as a good guy? They wouldn't. A commenter suggested they missed the mark and should have had Brady as Darth Vader and Belichick as the emperor. I actually thing they shoulda made Mangold Chewy instead of an Ewok god that's demoralizing. 

Whatever.  I firmly believe the Pats are going to kick the living snot outta the Jets just like in regular season.  Only the Jets seem to think by making it more personal it's going to help them.  Whatever again.  I mean it ain't over till it's over and anything can happen, I'm just not looking forward to all the trash talk if they win.  I have no love for either team, but I think it'll be a fun game to watch.  GO Pack!!

cb out.

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  1. I agree. I think the Bears are going to destroy the Hawks. Yeah the bears lost to them earlier this year but they were playing horrible and only lost by 3pts. The hawks won't have the 12th man, no way williams and lynch are gonna have the same big plays they had against the saints. I think cutler will show he can actually throw the ball in this game.