Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yeah I'm a Pimp

Yo Yo Yo,  do you like old stuff?  If you do and I'm not talking about your granny fetish, head on over to Vintage SportsCards for a free giveaway.

After that head on over to Sports Syzygy for a $25 CSN gift card giveaway if you dare.

And lastly I think you can still get in over here at All About Cards.  Tons of boxes and other stuff there.

And if you've got a contest you want pimped let me know. 

I'm planning another contest sooner or later.  Probably after Super Bowl when my Super Bowl contest is over.  I've hit a few blogging milestones I'd like to celebrate even if it'll be a little late.  Got my 50th follower, now up to 51.  Posted over 200 posts, now getting close to 225.  And had over 10,000 hits, but using the stats page I've discovered that my most popular page this one, which if you click on it will now get even more hits, is only popular because people are getting there from an image search and I'm assuming borrowing the image there, which is fine, since I borrowed it from somewhere else as well.  But its had almost 2000 hits all by itself so if we subtract those hits I'm still a little under 10,000, but I don't care. 

Alright everybody have a great humpday.

cb out

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