Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A trade with Colbey from Cardboard Collections

About a week or so ago Colbey left a comment that he had pulled a numbered Favre cards from Topps Unrivaled and if I wanted it, it was mine.  Well after looking at his trade list I asked if he'd like to do a larger trade.  I had a bunch of Braves mini's, and some Panthers stuff.  Mainly a nice Epix Tony Pike auto and other misc.  So after a few emails it was set and I came home tonight and found a nice package in my mailbox.

It was loaded with Brewers cards, plus some Turkey Reds I needed to help finish my 09-10 inserts sets, and one lone National Chicle that I needed, but every little bit helps.

Here are some of the goodies he sent.

Now I'm sure most people are looking to sell off their Farve collections right now or archiving it till the memory fade of his last year and all the BS that went with it, but for me I never closed the box.  So here is the card that started the whole thing.  I had the unnumbered base card, so this is a nice addition.  I've been getting lucky either ripping or finding them for cheap at the LCS in the recently opened piles on the counter, so I have quite a few 2010 Favres already.  I hate to see him in purple but I find it hard to hate the man that took my team to 2 Super Bowls in my lifetime even if he's being a bit of a premadonna. 

When I say Colbey sent me a pile of Brewers I mean a pile,  I won't bore you with all the cards just some of the neat ones.  In the stack nestled like a couple caught in a snow storm was this little surprise.

Why it's Mr. Sheets.  Ben is currently or at least this year he was with the Oakland A's. 

Also in the stack were a ton of premium cards from various sets.  I'm pretty sure most of what I got constitutes the team set for most of them or at least is close.

In there was  A Piece of History, Timeline, and SP Legendary Cuts and a nice die cut Braun.
Speaking of Die cuts check out this puppy.

This is the master of all die cuts.  I don't think I ever ripped a pack of this stuff in the day. I'm sure it was super pricey but that whole right where it's dark is die cut, or laser cut, or whatever.  I had to go look this set up. It's 1996 Topps Laser to see if all the cards were like this or if this was an insert and I do believe that this is a Power Cuts insert. 

After that the rest of this post is pretty anticlimactic but in the pile were these two

2009 Upper Deck Documentary.  For some reason UD has been producing monster insert sets the last couple of years.  They did it with their Yankee Stadium Legacy and that other one, which I can't remember off the top of my head, you know the one I mean, one of the ugliest insert sets ever.  Although they did have a few Rollie Fingers and Robin Yount cards in it so it wasn't too bad.

Oh CC we hardly got to know you.

And a couple 2009 Topps retro logo( or umbrella logo if you prefer)  cards.  I do believe these were Target exclusives or something like that.  There on retro card stock too.

I don't want to make light of all the rest of the cards but there pretty much all base stuff, I'm sure they will fill many holes in my team collections and I have to say what a great trade.

Thanks Colbey hope you like the cards I sent.  Check out Colbey's blog Cardboard Collections.

cb out-

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  1. I've just started back into collecting. Already I have been shocked by the generosity by other collectors. It seems to be a really friendly community. It's nice to see people who aren't about hoarding and more about I have this and it means more to you than me so you can have it. That is really impressive. I recently received a Bears collection from a collector. The person sent me more Bears cards than I originally had in my collection.