Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Almost the Easiest SuperBowl Contest on the Web 3 Days Left

The clock is ticking.  I can hear it, or maybe its a bomb under the table either way there is a definite ticking going on. 

The first of the playoff games starts at 4:30 eastern time, 12:30 my time, I already got the Pabst chilling in the fridge.  That means the deadline for getting your picks in is 4:00pm eastern or 12 noon my time or what ever time it is relative to where you live.  I stole the logo up there from some web site, dates wrong, it's February 6th not 4th, maybe its when you're suppose to start drinking, whatever not important to the contest.  And I see I finally snagged 3 more followers, so this contest has been a success no matter how you look at it.  It also increased my traffic considerably. 

Remember all I want is the winning team, plus who they beat and the score.  But mainly the team.  If you guess the Seahawks and they take it, well that would be something, you win, and I probably won't have to go to a tie breaker, but it looks like the Pats are the team to beat again.  I'm rooting for the Packers at least this Sunday, we'll see who I get to root for next week.

You can leave comments here but take the link above to enter your official prediction.

Remember up for grabs is a set of 2010 NFL Topps Rookie Redemption code cards,  there are some great rookies in there.  Plus I'm probably going to add a bonus prize for all who enter and draw a name randomly.  What will it be who knows, maybe a hand full of dog-eared 1988 Donruss baseball cards,  I guess that would be a prize for me getting rid of them.  It'll be something good I promise, well maybe I promise.

One entry per person, thanks to the 13 people who've entered already. 
I'll have an official list of entries probably after the games on Saturday since I'm probably not going to be home watching the games this weekend.

cb out

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