Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jordy Jordy Jordy

I've been working my way around my blog family posting various things.  I finally found some time to scan a bunch of stuff.  And I just got a nice rookie card lot of Jordy Nelson in the mail yesterday.  In my opinion one of the most underrated players on the Packers Superbowl team this year.  He's really stepped it up with all the injuries this year and it's nice to see Jordy coming into his own. Once relgated to punt returner he's moved right in to #2 reciever very well.  I've been snatching up auto's and jersey cards for cheap all year. 

The framed UD Masterpieces is a blue parallel numbered to 150.  Plus in the lot was two super shiny chrome rookies and two UD star rookies, one first edition, and an SP.

Here's a look at the backs.  I'm expecting big things from this kid in a few weeks and next year.

I guess I can officially say I've started my Jordy Nelson super collection and I don't expect prices on his cards to stay in the dumper much longer.   Just look at Rodger's prices going through the roof.  I picked up a bunch of base and inserts for Rodgers a few months ago from my LCS.  Don had packs of 25 cards for 5 bucks and I ended up picking up all three Rodgers packs.  I'm glad I did.  Seems cheap now.

Enjoy your Thursday.

cb out.


  1. Don't forget about Starks. Also Emmanuel Sanders for Pittsburgh.

  2. Can't forget Starks and I'm glad he came on late, but sitting out most of the season injured dosen't help the stats. I hope we get to see more of him next year and the combo of him and Ryan hopefully will be deadly and only make the team that much better.

  3. I've got a nice little collection of Robert Brooks you can have if you want 'em. Don't know of any other Packers fans I trade with.

  4. Glad to see another Jordy fan out there... best of luck on building a super collection of him!

  5. AWESOME. Jordy is my cousin, so I'm sitting on hundreds of his rookie cards purely for the novelty of it. Neat to see that others are starting to notice him too! Maybe I can put a few on eBay and repay myself for my original costs.

  6. Hey Chris that's awesome. Tell him I said to kick some ass. I think this year is his break out year. I've been following him since his rookie year. And Colbey I'll be in touch. And to Fuji, Go PACK!!!!!!