Monday, January 3, 2011

Super Bowl Contest Time!!!

The End is Near!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn regular season's over.  Wow that 17 weeks went by so quick.  And what a great New Years present for a Packer fan to have your team squeek in.  Anyways I was thinking it was time the Crack held a contest.  I was thinking of making you predict the brackets all the way up to the Superbowl but then I would have to keep track of all that shit and I don't have the time.  Well I kinda do, but I'm lazy so this contest is simple, so simple.
Just tell me who is going to win the Superbowl.  So easy and I'll even list the choices below.

So what do you win??  Well as you know I've taken it upon myself to keep you informed of the Topps Rookie of the Week redemption giveaway cards each, well almost each, week. 
So I was at Don's Sportscards yesterday after the Packer win and I asked if he'd donate a complete set of redemption cards for my contest and Don being Don said sure, plus he had a crap load of cards left.  I almost thought of picking up some extra Tebow, Bradford, and McCoy cards.

So here you go your prize for this Cynicalbuddha's first Collector's Crack contest!!!!
If your not sure about who's who check out Topps Redemption site for the cards.
There are some great rookies in here.  Like I said Tebow, Bradford, Mathews, Best, McCoy, ect ect.

All unredeemed, all probably going to be late as Topps keeps sending me late notifications but by the time you get these Topps might be shipping them. The codes are good till the end of February so I should have these sent off right after the Superbowl and you should redeem them immediately.

Your choices:
First the Wildcards


and now the guys who get an extra week of practice


So all you have to do is tell me who is going to win.  And included the team they beat and final score as a tie breaker.
It would be great if you could promote on your blog if you have one and if your not a follower of the crack why not click the little follow button up there and join in the fun.

Contest is open till Saturday noon my time 4:00pm eastern. 

Remember all you need to do is pick the TEAM TO WIN the SUPERBOWL, and the tie breakers.

You like the Pats pick the Pats.

My guess Packers 24-14, beat the Colts.  It's just a dream.  I'm not playing anyways.  One entry per person.

Go to it. CB out


  1. Eagles over the Patriots 27-24. Vick leads a drive with a spectacular scamper for a game-winning touchdown.

  2. Patriots beat the Falcons, 23-14

  3. ugh. this is going to hurt to write this....

    Patriots over Falcons 42-31

  4. My heart says Saints over Steelers 27-17

  5. I'm a crack follower...I just wanted to write that.

    I'm going to say Patriots over the Eagles, 38-21.

  6. Packers over the Patriots 24-17

  7. Damn... Mark took the Packers over the Patriots... I'm not one to copy... so I'll go with the Patriots over the Packers 24-17.

  8. My guess is Patriots over Falcons 31-17

  9. I'd say the Beagles over the Steelers 27-17, and I really hate to see Vick win!!

  10. Patriots beat the Falcons 31 -14

  11. Bears over the patriots 24-20.

  12. I'll go with the Patriots over the Saints 35-27

  13. I'll go with the Falcons over the Steelers, 27-24

  14. Bears over the Steelers 20-14

  15. Packers vs The Patriots
    Patriots win 24-17.

  16. Falcons beat the Colts 30-28