Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh my liver............

Wow I'm getting old,  anybody remember the reference? 

Oh my liver??!!??

Well no not yet but soon I'm sure my liver will ache.  I use to be quite a drinker.  I'm not particularly proud of that anymore.  I guess that comes with age.  Back in the day I loved going out the bars with the hope, chance, glimmer that I might get laid.  But now being almost married and owning a house and dog, I have no real desire to just go out and get shit faced.  I don't even like drinking at home when I'm sitting around.  For some reason it holds no interest for me.  Now bring a few friends into the picture and that's different.  I love having a beer in my hand almost need a beer in my hand.  It is a social lubricant.

Your probably saying to yourself, cynicalbuddha, what the hell does that have to do with anything remotely about your blog.  To which I say almost nothing.  It does however lead into the Divisional Playoff games this weekend.  Such a busy weekend.

Friday night is the annual Anchorage Brew Festival.  Well the first night of Brewfest.  Actually I do believe its called the Great Alaska Beer and Barley Wine Festival but I digress.  I'm going the first night because I have a going away party to attend Saturday and all my friends are going Friday and I want to watch Football on Saturday as well.  And of course I'm probably going to have to go watch football on Sunday as well.  It's almost over come on.  I think I'm going to drive my fiance crazy once football's over.  Come on spring training.  I guess I've been posting pretty regularly the last couple of months.  Boredom at work will do that too you.  The fools don't block blogger but they block everything else.  Except of course Yahoo sports and then I have to read terrible articles by Chris Chase.  Dont' believe me go to the Shutdown Corner on Yahoo and read some of his stuff.  I would say 98% of the bloggers I read on my blog roll and the Sports Card Blogroll are better writers and reporters than that jackoff.   I don't expect most bloggers or myself to be exceptionally coherent but when you get paid to do it and have a national outlet I would think you would be a little better.  Sorry Sorry.  Ranting, Tangential.

Point being I think I might have to take the next couple of days off.  So I'm sure I'll have a update for Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web, Sunday night or Monday morning.  What ever.

Oh and I've updated my needs list over there on the right.  Check it out.  I'm getting really close to finishing my 2010 Turkey Red set, so any help would be greatly appreciated or with any of the cards on my need list.  And I'm going to start pushing for my 2009 Turkey Red set.  Look in your stacks see if you've got any laying around. 


  1. Sounds like it will be a fun time. I'm looking forward to your Packers coming to Seattle next weekend for the NFC Championship game. I calling for two upsets this weekend. Bring it on!