Friday, January 14, 2011

Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web Almost Time for Round 2

Wow this was a slow week.  It drug on by.  Luckily I've got a Beer Festival in my immediate future and my game isn't on till 4pm tomorrow night my time so I've got time to sleep off the hangover.  But before I go out and forget you all for the weekend I figure I should put the standings up one more time since they are slowly getting moved down the blog list. 
Here are the Ins and Outs going into Round 2 the Divisional Playoffs.

 (now with color coding)

In It to Win It
Adam E: STEELERS over Bears 17-6
cubsfan731: PATRIOTS over Falcons 23-14
Captain Canuck: PATRIOTS over Falcons 42-31
Mark: PACKERS over Patriots 24-17
Fuji: PATRIOTS over Packers 24-17
seemahn: FALCONS over Patriots 28-24
Community Gum: PATRIOTS over Falcons 31-17
Offy: PATRIOTS over the Falcons 31-14
Kev2380: BEARS over Patriots 24-20
Milwaukee Southpaw: FALCONS over Steelers 27-24
Colby (Flywheels): STEELERS over Falcons 24-17
Wicked Ortega: RAVENS over Patriots 21-17
mike: BEARS over Steelers 20-14
steve: PATRIOTS over Packers 24-17

14, just 14 make it to round two with possible match-ups. Now to be honest there are still people that picked a team still in it but picked an opponent that is not. So those still technically in it and if lets say the Patriots play the Seahawks everybody who picked the Pats are still in it ect.

The Wild Cards

Play at the Plate: PATRIOTS over Eagles 38-21
Steve D: PATRIOTS over Saints 35-27
dayf: FALCONS over Colts 30-28

And lastly we have those that have fallen, but like I keep saying there will be a bonus prize which everybody who entered will be in the running for... What is it? I still don't know.

The Fallen:

Spankee: EAGLES over the Pats 27-24
BA Benny: SAINTS over Pats 38-31
Mariner1: SAINTS over Steelers 27-17
Nathan: COLTS over Saints 24-17
dawgbones: EAGLES over Steelers 27-17

Yeah I just cut and pasted it for the earlier post but it's going to be really lonely if we have any major upsets this weekend.  Hmmm nobody picked the Jets either.  Seahawks/Jets in the Superbowl.  I really hope not.  No offense to any Seahawks or Jets fans out there but you all know I want my Packers in there.  We'll see who I'm rooting for come Monday. 

Have a good weekend everybody.

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  1. did I say Eagles/Pats? I meant Seahawks/Jets, I'm just not good at typing. See, they're pretty similar. Did I mention I hate losing.