Monday, January 10, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Inserts of the Year (Your results may vary)

Well I had so much fun doing my last top 5 I wanted to do one more and decided to keep it positive.  So here are my top 5 inserts from all sports card products that I personally opened or have acquired this year.

#5 Finest Football Atomic Rookie Die Cut Refractors

I don't know what it is but I love the die cuts and the super shiny refractor technology. I guess he only thing that would be better is if they were also minis. Or if this wasn't Golden Tate.

#4  2010 Topps Turkey Red

Maybe it's because they finally gave Robin Yount one in Update but I love these retro inserts.  I'm really looking forward to the Kimball mini inserts in 2011.  I never did bust any of the Turkey Red from the 05, 06, 07 stand alone sets but I do love the inserts and they are pretty much the same.  It's a nice mix of rookies, vet's and HOFer's. I'm still looking for a few if you can help check out my need list

#3 Score Hockey Snoglobes

I miss the die cut frenzy of the late nineties and early 2000's. Plus these are a pretty hard pull. I busted 5 boxes of Score Hockey, and still didn't put a full set together by the way, and only pulled these 2 babies and they're not even numbered.

#2  Topps Series 1, 2, and Update Manufactured Hat Patchs and Bat Barrels.

Blasphemy you say.  Those aren't even relics.  Nope and they don't pretend to be either.  But there different, cool to look at, Topps put out a ton of different players, rookies, vets, and HOFer's so there's variety.  I know that manufacture patches and bat barrels have been done before.  UD has done both with auto's and such but these have a great design and look.  I especially like the Black Bat variations with the white lettering on the black bat.  And I'm looking forward to next years gloves and whatever else Topps comes up with.

#1   Allen and Ginters Monsters of the Mesozoic

If there are 2 things I like it's Dinosaurs and Mini's and the two put together are perfect.  If you don't like Dinosaurs I don't know what's wrong with you.  I would add that UD Champs hockey's  Natural History Dino's go here too but seeing as that they weren't truly an insert set I'm not counting them although I am collecting them.
I need a few of these awesome dino's as well check if you can help.


  1. That Tate card is sickening...

    D/C + Atomic Refractor + a Seahawk = Awesome

    I just picked one up on COMC! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I couldn't figure out what seemed so familiar about that Golden Tate card, and then it hit me - with the way it is cut and the Seahawk green accents it looks sorta like the Green Lantern symbol! :)