Monday, January 10, 2011

Almost the Easiest Superbowl Contest on the Web Standing Update

Wow what a weird, great weekend for football, well for some of us.  Crazy, unexpected, shocking are some of the colorful terms I've seen used.  I was reading another awful article by Chris Chase at Yahoo Sports, because it's the only site I can read at work, did I mention how awful his writing is, worse than mine, but this is not my chosen profession, sorry sorry, anyways he says the the Colts lost due to Caldwell's timeout just before the Jets kicked their field goal.  Now I'll agree probably not the smartest decision of the game but is it worse than running into the kicker so the Jets get the ball back or having a minute left and all your timeouts in the first half and not doing anything?  No it was a terrible game for the Colts all around and they still almost won, I don't expect the Jets to make it much further but then I didn't expect Seattle to show up either and they sure did.  I'll be torn next week as I'm no fan of either the Pats or the Jets but I would love some reason for Rex Ryan to shut up and the Pats look good.  Ok got that out of my system.  Just one comment on the Packers though, I was waiting the whole game for them to lose and we almost did.  I'm a die hard Packers fan, make no mistake, I'm from a small town in northern Wisconsin where love for the green and gold run deep, but I've seen my team piss away a 20+ point lead in the 4th quarter to lose so I take nothing for granted. Needless to say I was holding my breath most of the game.  I can't wait for the game against the Falcons, I almost wish we were taking  on the Bears first,  the Falcons have kinda been the quite winners this season.  They keep winning and winning but it doens't seem like they get a lot of coverage.  I think if I was going to make an educated guess at the 2 best teams right now, in all honesty it's probably the Pats and the Falcons, but on any given Sunday or Saturady for that matter, yadda yadda yadda.

Ok so onto the Contest Update.  Well this weekend really screwed a few people.  To see the prediction go here.

So here are the people still in it to win it. (now with color coding)

Adam E: STEELERS over Bears 17-6

cubsfan731: PATRIOTS over Falcons 23-14

Captain Canuck: PATRIOTS over Falcons 42-31

Mark: PACKERS over Patriots 24-17

Fuji: PATRIOTS over Packers 24-17

seemahn: FALCONS over Patriots 28-24

Community Gum: PATRIOTS over Falcons 31-17

Offy: PATRIOTS over the Falcons 31-14

Kev2380: BEARS over Patriots 24-20

Milwaukee Southpaw: FALCONS over Steelers 27-24

Colby (Flywheels): STEELERS over Falcons 24-17

Wicked Ortega: RAVENS over Patriots 21-17

mike: BEARS over Steelers 20-14

steve: PATRIOTS over Packers 24-17

14, just 14 make it to round two with possible match-ups. Now to be honest there are still people that picked a team still in it but picked an opponent that is not.  So those still technically in it and if lets say the Patriots play the Seahawks everybody who picked the Pats are still in it ect. 

The Wild Cards

Play at the Plate: PATRIOTS over Eagles 38-21

Steve D: PATRIOTS over Saints 35-27

dayf: FALCONS over Colts 30-28

And lastly we have those that have fallen, but like I keep saying there will be a bonus prize which everybody who entered will be in the running for... What is it?  I still don't know.
The Fallen:
Spankee: EAGLES over the Pats 27-24

BA Benny: SAINTS over Pats 38-31
Mariner1: SAINTS over Steelers 27-17

Nathan: COLTS over Saints 24-17

dawgbones: EAGLES over Steelers 27-17

So out of 22 only 5 are outright out.  Not too shabby.  Nobody picked the Seahawks so if the Hawks go all the way this could be a major upset for the contest, but wow.  Again thanks to all who entered and I'll do another update after division games next week and then on the Conference Championships.

Update:  As mike points out below I failed to notice that Wicked Ortega's matchup is impossible, my bad.  But remember this contest only asked for a winner, the opponent and scores are tie-breakers, and since Ortega is the only one to pick the Ravens he's still in, maybe he planned that all along???? He is Wicked after all.


  1. Just putting a note out there that one other guy lost his chance. Wicked Ortega has the Ravens over the Patriots - not sure how that can happen in the Super Bowl, just saying.

  2. Damn I wish I woulda caught that earlier good one mike, but Wick Ortega is the only one who picked the Ravens to win and that is actually the contest. So if the Ravens go all the way it won't matter who he picked as the opponent or the score. So he's still in.