Saturday, January 8, 2011

Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web Official Entries

It's go time!!

The polls are closed, your horses have been chosen.

I want to thank everybody who entered and for everybody you pimped the contest and welcome to the 5 new followers.  I have to say this has boosted traffic to the site tremendously which is great.
Don't forget I'm going to be having another contest for the 200th post which is long gone now and for my 10,000th hit which is coming up, I still need to work something out for both of those but for now lets enjoy the playoffs.

  I'm not sure if the prize is what everybody wanted I know that no one likes redemptions but free cards are free cards even if you have to wait.  I will be updating this list as teams get eliminated, but you are all in the running for the bonus prize. Which I still haven't figured out yet but I'll come up with something.

Looks like most people took the obvious favorite and for good reason.  I'm still pulling for the Pack.

Here are the picks.  The numbers by your name are the order in which you posted and will be your numbers for the bonus prize drawing.

Cynicalbuddha-  Packers over the Colts 24-14, yeah I'm dreaming and I'm not even playing

1 .Spankee:  EAGLES over the Pats 27-24
2.  Adam E:  STEELERS over Bears 17-6
3. BA Benny: SAINTS over Pats 38-31
4 .cubsfan731: PATRIOTS over Falcons 23-14
5. Captain Canuck: PATRIOTS over Falcons 42-31
6 .Mariner1: SAINTS over Steelers 27-17
7. Play at the Plate: PATRIOTS over Eagles 38-21
8. Mark: PACKERS over Patriots 24-17
9. Fuji: PATRIOTS over  Packers 24-17
10. seemahn: FALCONS over Patriots 28-24
11. Community Gum: PATRIOTS over Falcons 31-17
12. dawgbones: EAGLES over Steelers 27-17
13. Offy: PATRIOTS over the Falcons 31-14
14. Kev2380: BEARS over Patriots 24-20
15. Steve D: PATRIOTS over Saints 35-27
16. Milwaukee Southpaw: FALCONS over Steelers 27-24
17. Colby (Flywheels): STEELERS over Falcons 24-17
18. Wicked Ortega: RAVENS over Patriots 21-17
19. mike: BEARS over Steelers 20-14
20. Nathan: COLTS over Saints 24-17
21. steve: PATRIOTS over Packers 24-17
22. dayf: FALCONS over Colts 30-28

Here are the official winning and tie break rules.  If you picked the winning team and only you, you win, of course.  If you picked the winning team and so did 18 other people we move to if you picked the right opponent.  If you were the only one who did you win, of course.  If you picked the winning team and the right opponent and 5 other people did we move to the final score.  First it will be winning team score.  Closet wins.  If more than one person picked the closest or right score we move to the opponent score.  If by some chance there are 2 people who pick the exact same thing and we have no winner I will put your names in a RNG(Random Number Generator) and then we will have a winner. I'm fairly sure that won't happen, but just in case.  Seems the major prediction is the Super Bowl will be Patriots and the Falcons.  I think that would be a good match up, not as good as say, oh the Packer and Colts but I'm a dreamer, plus by fiances favorite team is the Colts. 


  1. I pick Seattle...... Oh I'm too late, darn.

  2. Here's to hoping we see your Packers in Seattle in two weeks...