Saturday, January 22, 2011

What a great mail day.

I was walking out to put my Netflix in the mail hoping to get there before the mailman did, I missed him, damn, but in the box was a great haul. 

I start off with my winnings from Community Gums contest.  This was a while ago but they wanted you to guess what cards would be pulled out of a 2008 Topps Moments and Milestone box.  I picked the Prince Fielder 50 home runs cards and I think I picked card 47 or something.  Well there was on Prince Fielder in there homer #8 and I just got it in the mail.  Thanks to Jon over at Community Gum
While I was never a big fan of the set, I mean there a billion cards in it, I don't mind a Princey #d to 150.

Next I noticed that Tony over at the Common Card Man posted the trade he and I just did.  He had a huge need list and contacted me back in December right before I moved if I wanted to do a trade.  I had blogged about how many Topps extras I had sitting around and he wanted to know if I could fill some holes.  And fill I did, but I'm bummed I couldn't wipe out the whole need list I tried my damnedest.  I also knew from emailing back and forth we mailed on the same day and it looks like we got our packages on the same day as well.  Here's a sampling of what he sent.

He sent some nice set filler for me.  This isn't the whole trade just a nice sample.  I guess the best part about putting up my active needs list is that in a trade if you have a couple cards I need here or there it all works out and Tony gave me a little from column A and a little from column B and it all adds up.  Thanks Tony.

 And last but certainly not lease I got my swag from Colbey's poor mans group break over at Cardboard Collections.  I love these suckers.  I try to get the Brewers whenever I can.  For 6 bucks shipping included its hard to pass up. Here are some of the highlights

Colbey also sent along some stuff for my Player collections.  I think the best haul out of the Group Break was that OPC Fingers.  Nothing like a Pack fresh card.  Awesome centering super sharp corners and I'm pretty sure I needed it for my PC. And i got lucky and won one of the raffles and got the Nomar up there.   Thanks Colbey.

Alright off to work off my beer calories for tomorrow. 

cb out.

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  1. That UD Masterpieces Reggie Jackson is such a nice card...classic Reggie pose in a classic uniform