Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dammit Topps I thought I was done with you for the year.

I was just casually looking through some listings on the bay and came across some listings for the new Topps Heritage WWE set.  A vintage set of there 1985 WWF release, which I have a ton of somewhere.  I haven't paid attention to professional wrestling in more than a decade, but back in the mid-80's I was a huge fan.  I couldn't wait for Saturday Night's Main Event and the other weekly wrestling shows.  I haven't seen any of this yet around my neck of the woods, but dammit I'm probably going to have to pick some up.  I think I might be able to get away with just a blaster.  But the thing that got me most was that one of the inserts is an Allen and Ginter mini set. You know I have a weakness for mini's.  And look at this checklist, while I don't know a lot of the newer guys, there are some classic 80's wrestlers in there, no Honky Tonk Man or Hulk Hogan though.

2012 Topps Heritage WWE Allen & Ginter Checklist
1 Brock Lesnar
2 Christian
3 CM Punk
4 Daniel Bryan
5 John Cena
6 Kelly Kelly
7 Kofi Kingston
8 Layla
9 Randy Orton
10 Sheamus
11 Booker T
12 Diesel
13 Mankind
14 Stone Cold Steve Austin
15 Trish Stratus
16 "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
17 Andre The Giant
18 Big Boss Man
19 Big John Studd
20 Cowboy Bob Orton
21 Doink The Clown
22 "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
23 Kamala
24 Koko B. Ware
25 Papa Shango
26 Paul Bearer
27 Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
28 Terry Funk
29 Vader
30 Yokozuna

I was also looking through the base checklist and there are quite a few names I would have included that I noticed were missing, but that's another rant.
I most definatly will be putting the Allen and Ginter set together.  I might even grab the base set too for fun.


  1. Im trying to build this set too! Im extremely stoked about it...maybe we could get a trade going after a bit.

  2. I am definitely picking up singles from this set. That Andre the Giant will be mine.