Monday, December 10, 2012

Sometimes they get it right Part Deux - Lego

If you read my post about the Lord of the Rings Lego set Gandalf Arrives you may have noticed that there was a damaged piece.  I didn't point it out, but there was. One of the 2x6 pieces that make up the side of the wagon was bent and deformed.  I still made it work, but I decided to see what Lego would do.

So I went to Lego's website and followed their links for missing and broken pieces.  It was pretty simple.  They asked me what set I had and what piece was missing or broken.  It was easy and interactive.  I then provided a brief description of what was wrong, my address, and sent off the request.  Well a few hours later I had a response and the next day I had an email telling me that they were shipping my piece, all the way from Denmark.  
About a week later I get this padded envelope in the mail and the following letter.
Lego takes their quality and customer service very seriously.
It was nice to deal with a company that was easy to deal with and took care of me quick and fast. They also sent me a survey about my experience with them in a follow up email.  And while Lego's are pricey it's nice to see that the company gives you something for that price, in quality and customer service.  Thanks Lego for a painless and quick resolve to my problem.


  1. Topps would have sent you a single random stud of "equal or greater value" after making you count the number of "E"s on all of your pieces and then forcing you to wait for six months.

  2. Upper Deck would have told you that they lost their Lego license and can only send you a Mega-Bloks replacement.

    Panini would have sent you a brick that had no studs on the front because they needed to layout space for autos and jersey swatches in parallel versions.

  3. Cool. Glad to see that some companies care about the quality of their product and their customers.